Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Something old, something new....

I have discovered the love interest is good with wood! He is bustling about, replacing panels in doors, sawing bits off things and generally being a carpenter. I like it!
We spent the weekend trawling through architectural salvage yards looking for a Victorian door, and discovered that there are no two doors the same size, so when we found something suitable, bits had to be sawn off to make it fit. Isn’t it funny that what one generation regard as unspeakably naff is the absolute epitome of fashion to the next. We are busy restoring what the previous lot removed – doors, fireplaces, floorboards, windows – and it costs serious dosh to put back what was there before and thrown out in a skip. We can’t understand why anyone would get rid of Victorian box sash windows, fireplaces, nice doors and replace them with aluminium etc. but I can imagine they probably thought their choices were much better. Vive le difference. Anyway, I am over the top delighted with some new shelves the love interest put up – I now have all my books out of boxes and visible again. It was like discovering old friends again. The love interest thinks my delighted reaction to his carpentry efforts is totally out of proportion. “Just a few shelves”. DIY is a whole new language to me. I am fast becoming an expert on vintage knobs and knockers, rather than vintage lace and silk.